Two steps forward, one step back….

I like to take my time with the pieces I work on. I want to make sure they look good, they have been repaired well, and that they match the vision that I had for them. I have a small kitchen, breakfast nook table I am working on now. I chose a color wash of greens for the cute small round table. I am also putting a vintage graphic on it, but the one I chose just didn’t go on the way I wanted….so, start all over on the top! That’s the way it is though. If it isn’t right I need to redo it. I’m pretty picky and want it to be just right. For example “Lavender Blue” is meant to look like someone laid a page out of an old news paper down on top of it, walked away and it stuck there….I like the way the top edge appears to have been slightly peeled away, it fits with the vision I had for the piece. I want the table that I am working on to look like it came out of a vintage kitchen….I can see it with green Fire King plates and cups sitting on it. Red graphic….and the piece’s name is “Tea For Two”, or three or four!!


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