Everyday I’m Shufflin’…..

I can’t even type those words without hearing the song in my head!!!!  LOL….but in the summer that’s how I feel.  Today is a dark and dreary day…so, I won’t have to choose between garden, house and projects.  It will probably rain soon, so in my daily shuffle of what to do, when to do it, and how much to do, I won’t be choosing the hours I spend in the garden and greenhouse.  A quick once over through the small greenhouse should do it.  The house…hmmm, that is another challenge.  Some days the kids are pretty willing to help, but with more in and approaching teen years those days are fewer and farther between without some prodding.  Projects?  I have 4 ongoing currently.  One for a customer, I’d love to finish it soon, I am hoping it turns out to be exactly what she is wanting.  Three others are in various states, but I am loving them.   Hopefully today I will be able to get them a little closer to completion.  On the one hand I really love the accomplishment of getting them done, but I prefer a slow steady pace, so that I can make sure they are what I want.


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