Getting serious……

    Sooooo, a business license is pretty serious business to me.   It means that I intend RESCUE REHAB to be around for the long haul…..or at least 2 years, lol.  It means I am having fun taking a piece and making it nice again……maybe in some cases making it better or at least more attractive than before.  It means that I see potential in pieces that are outdated, and turning them into something someone will be happy to have.
    While I have never been described as being really overly “green,” I do really hate waste.  I cringe at home make over shows where they throw out good lumber and other materials.  I hate seeing nice pieces of good wood and wood furniture being thrown out.  It just seems wrong.  I find myself studying things I see along the road and seeing potential in a pile of wood.  I wish I had developed some skills a lot earlier but believe me, if I have learned anything in life it is that you never stop developing skills unless you choose to.

     So, here’s to adventure in the some what ordinary, to honing your skills… taking what life throws in front of you and wringing what you can out of it…..Here’s to your own adventure, no matter how seemingly mundane…..please join me on my adventure, and tell me about your own!!!!


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