This has been a fun chair to re-do.  Made in the USA in the seventies, it is remeniscent of 50’s Danish or mid-century modern style. This type of chair never really
goes out of style, but the upholstery was a mustard yellow, very scratchy fabric, typical for that era.   I have recovered her in a beautiful  Brunschwig & Fils Inc.  upholstery fabric named Nymphaea.
I will admit I had to look that word up(pronounced Nymph with a long a on the end).      It is the name of a genus of lily pad.
The chair was stripped and sanded.   Then I painted it in my own blend of 4 colors and glazes to produce a weathered appearance.  Several coats
of protective clear satin poly were then applied.  Dimensions on this chair are:  seat approx 16-17 in high, 22 in across the front, 20-21 in from front to back.
This would be nice on a protected porch, sunroom,  or entry way.  I can also see it being used nymphas a desk chair or bedroom chair.  A chair to sit in and dream of summer!

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