Still here!

No, I have not fallen off the planet, stopped blogging, stopped redoing furniture pieces, or stopped using the internet, lol!  While the calender doesn’t reflect it, fall is underway here.  That means I was getting ready for the last two Farmer’s Markets, for me anyway.  Processing vegetables…..remind me to tell Anne and Kent to:  Mark their veggies better in the high tunnels(mystery squash, looks like a pumpkin…like a spaghetti squash inside??)  2.  A lot less yellow squash, please….every time I serve or freeze it I am reminded by most of the kids that they don’t like it..sigh.  The home school year has begun, AND I somehow managed to crash 2 computers.  Typing a blog on a Nook IS NOT FUN, so I’ve resurrected an older laptop.  On the furniture front I am DEEP into the farmhouse table project…..yes, that is a ton of sawdust in my hair, lol.  Walnut was the correct stain, for sure, to return it to its former condition. 


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