What’s going on here…….

So, I am a very visual person.  When I am visiting the list of blogs and sites that I go to on a daily basis, if I don’t see something new and interesting I usually quickly click away from the site.  If I were visiting my own site, I would probably be pretty quick to click away!  I wish I had more to show, but I am spending about 2-5 hours almost on a daily basis on the farmhouse table set.  I am methodical anyway.  I would rather take my time than rush and have someone unhappy with something I have done.  It is really hard because I have a lot of small projects just rolling around in my brain right now but I don’t want to take the time away from the set.  It is a large project and I want to get it done before the weather turns, as I work on it on my porch.

In other news I am REALLY stretching myself on the technical end as I try to turn this into more of a website than a blog.  You will see changes here as I get it set up to sell Old Fashioned Milk Paint.  I am so excited about this and am working hard to set the sight up, behind the scenes.  You will probably see some errors as I work on this, I am NOT a techie so this is really hard for me, please be patient.

Farmhouse chair
Farmhouse chair

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