The Learning Curve

    My favorite fix to update furniture is to paint.  No doubt about it….I have stained pieces in the past, but it has been quite a while.  So many times, when you haven’t done things in a while, you need to relearn what you knew.  Sometimes you end up failing, but in the long run, you certainly learn more than if you had success after success.  I failed Bounty this week.  I put a coat of poly on when the humidity was wicked high.  Because of that the coat clouded, after trapping moisture UNDER it.  After tears, apologies to her new owner and admitting my mistake to my biggest critic(myself), I set out to fix the situation.  I took off her top, as she does not fit in the door with it.  Lightest possible sanding and a new coat of poly and she is looking much better.  She will probably get a couple more coats, just to finish her off nicely.  No matter what you do, you will sometimes fail….embrace the learn so much from them.  Here are before and after pictures, although this is before I took her top off to fix the clouding. ImageImageAfter

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