His Checkered Past

silver_pennies_buttonI liked this table as soon as I saw it at the sale.  The price was very reasonable, but I was a little  confused by the drawer that did not fit.  No matter how I tried, I realized not only would it not fit, it was added at some point.  The opening had been added at some point and was not even cut correctly.  So, I painted some pieces of wood that I had on hand in this weathered checkerboard effect and glued them to the front of the piece for a faux front.  The piece is sturdy, but was obviously left out in the weather for a time.  The grain is popped and the boards on top are slight cupped, but painted with Salem Red OFMP, then waxed with Daddy Van’s Bees Wax, tinted with walnut stain, it would make a lovely farmhouse entry way piece.  The mirror is included and is it HEAVY.  I love these old mirrors.  Click the link to Danielle’s blog, always a great place to visit!page



  1. I love it when someone tackles a project and sticks to it to save a piece that may as well been thrown to the curb. Good job.

    • Thanks so much Donna! I get more satisfaction from these kinds of projects. In the long run, they make me feel like I have accomplished so much more.

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