Why so quiet???

So, when this blog is quiet, one might assume that there is nothing going on here. Usually though, it means just the opposite. A little background might be in order. We have a working farm. Husband is away at work a lot, which means that while I don’t do everything, I have to make sure things get done. There are lots of animals here, from a tiny frog to horses, eight dogs, and four Amazon parrots. Once again, I don’t take care of everything, but must oversee the kids who do. Kids, lots of them….lol. There are 12 total, but only six live here now. Six that are also home schooled. So that means I must give out daily assignments and keep an eye on what is going on. Redirecting and answering questions takes a LOT of time!
When I am working on a large piece of furniture, I take my time. I am always looking for ways to make it better. I like to give sufficient drying and curing time, especially between coats of paint or poly. Right now Ebony, the buffet is inching towards being done and will hopefully be delivered on the 19th. Mean while, I am working on half a dozen or so smalls for the Christmas Bazaar in December. I will have Old Fashioned Milk Paint there too. If you are looking for a custom piece browse my photos on my Facebook page and see if there is anything you may be looking for.


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