Ebony delivered…onto the bazaars!!

So, we got Ebony safely delivered, with the help of my daughter and son-in-law, thanks Meghan and Doug!!!

Next Saturday will be Small Business Saturday and RESCUE REHAB will be set up at the Alaskan Steakhouse!!  I will have a good selection of Old Fashioned Milk Paint, both the regular and Safe Paint, Crackle for those who like a shabby chic look, Daddy Van’s Bees Wax and a few other products.  Besides that, I will have some up cycles.  I hope to have plenty re-usable “chalkboard” gift tags for your holiday gifting, some other chalk boards, an adorable up cycled pet crate and a few other things!

Delta Booster Club Bazaar will be on the next Saturday, and I will be there also.  If you are here, please stop in and help support local artists.  Also remember that some of my things, and other local artists’ are at the Smiling Moose Gift Shop in Delta.  It is a wonderful shop!!!


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