Thank you Minwax!!!

I NEVER win anything, lol!  In fact, I hate to admit it, but when I was informed that I had won a prize in the Minwax Holiday Home Sweepstakes, I contacted the company, concerned that I might possibly be the victim of a scam!!  I am happy to announce, though, that was not the case.  I entered my reclaimed holiday window, so was put in for the drawing.  I won a “Dress Up Your Home for the Holidays Kit.”  I received a nice, re-usable tote bag, Minwax Wood Finishing Cloths in Natural Oak and Walnut; Minwax Express Color in Crimson, Emerald, and Indigo; and Minwax Express Clear in both High and Low Gloss.  Wow, such fun, I have been wanting to try these products and can’t wait….

I would like to also extend a sincere Thank You, to our local Delta residents for coming out and supporting the vendors and Families in Need yesterday.  It was very much appreciated!DSCF4805


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