More reflection….and more projects soon…..

Ok, time for more reflecting….this was never intended to be this blog’s purpose.  In fact I could never understand why anyone would want to spill their thoughts out into cyberspace.  But, I guess I’ve changed a lot in the last year or so.   My husband works away from home, so many times over the last few years our Christmas has been delayed until Dad came home.  That is the way it was this year.    I was really quite over it.  No real anticipation, not much worrying about getting just the right gifts.  I should note also, that the pressure of gifting has always been in my mind.  My kids have never asked for much, some actually say they don’t want anything.  Some make lists that are too funny not to share.  Some things that have been asked for in the past have been: top hats and canes, chef hats, Mario and Luigi hats, sailor hat…, I think the hats have to do with the hilarious pictures they take of each other.  They have also been producing short movies on their school tablets and have become quite good at editing, so any costume type apparel is sure to show up in their films.  Top asked for gifts this year were:  a “drinking” hat….sigh…..the kind that holds a soda on each side of your head so you can drink 2 at once, a wolf shirt, a bento box.  See what I mean?  Those that ask for bigger things usually do something amazing like give their latest game device to a sibling and then want a different model.  This year I was able to set aside my feelings of fear of not getting the exact right things.  I was able to not make ridiculous lists in order to try to keep things “even.”  In fact this year I didn’t make the usual meal plan.  I kept it simple.  A turkey, dressing(even gluten free), lots of vegetables.  Plain.  We have family that has developed digestive issues, so we kept it very simple.  No worrying if this or that was prepared, ready to be cooked at a certain time, etc.  No stress.  We then spent the day watching a movie.  Instead of feeling sad about the ones that were not here, I reflected on the fact that despite challenges, the older kids seem to be doing well.  It was a simple, peaceful holiday…..I  hope yours was the same.

Now I feel renewed………are you ready for some PROJECTS????????????????   LOL, I need to get busy….I love my job!


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