Presenting Driftwood…..

This table was nice and sturdy, but really needed a facelift. As usual, finding graphics to use for the stencils took me hours and hours, but with the help of The Graphics Fairy, I found these french inspired graphics…I love the medallion that is a postmark from the Eiffel Tower!!
I used a new, unique paint technique that turned out really well. I added Plaster of Paris to my Driftwood colored Old Fashioned Milk Paint. I love the Milk Paint for its safety factors, but don’t always like the fact that it chips and self-distresses, usually where I don’t want it to! With the addition of the Plaster of Paris, it does not chip or self-distress, and it has a really nice texture, almost of stone. I looked all around the internet, but was unable to find where anyone else had tried this technique, but I will be trying this again! I finished the table with 4 coats of Matte Poly. She is currently waiting for a new home!
I wanted to point out that while this table was quite lovely originally, once stripped, I found that it was made from different types of wood and had faux distressing and some faux wood grain. I did not feel that re staining would bring out the best qualities of its construction. I also felt that the lattice work and vines really dated it.

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