Good Bye……

Ok, first I’m not going anywhere, lol. Second, I do not wish to offend the local fire fighters. I have the utmost respect for them. Training, of course is a GOOD thing. I just have a “thing” for old houses. If I could be Nicole Curtis, from Rehab Addict, I probably would be her. You may remember this pick…1898901_10100506178821013_1096223412_o

Some wood from that house became these signs:
and these”1231693_10151981240885998_1265514569_n

Most are still available. But this is how our picking place looked a few days ago, you will have to click the link if you want to see, I requested permission to use the picture and never got a response….
Really makes me sad, I thought someone was going to tear it down and use the logs. The house wouldn’t have stayed up much longer. The foundation was bad, and was falling in, and the house had heavy cables and turnbuckles holding it together. Oh well, I do have some great pieces to remember it by……



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