New look….new internet!

Ok, so, over the last few years we have struggled with possibly the worst internet service in the world….seriously. Our location is pretty rural and the possibilities were so limited for such a long time. We really struggled. To pick a new theme for my blog would take up our bandwidth allotment for an entire week. The last time I changed the blog, I nearly gave up because it was so difficult. Pages wouldn’t load completely or at all. Unfortunately that problem wasn’t confined to the blog, it was with everything we tried to load. I have a round of blogs and sites I visit in the mornings, but a lot of times I wouldn’t even be able to read, let alone see the pictures, Enough whining, lol. We finally have a solution with an AT&T mifi. We also have a booster, but it is like having REAL internet!!! The kind we could only find in town, like at the library. I am so grateful to finally have a reasonable solution!
With our home school year at an end, I hope to get many more projects done. I have so many waiting. I will have lots of time, as my family will be going off on an adventure. But then again, I will have to look after the animals, the garden, and do my annual clean and toss, that I do whenever they go away. I will be at Farmer’s Market again this year, and I can’t believe it starts in less than a month! I am hoping for a good gardening year again, last year was wonderful….I am cheering my little Basil plants on, and have some new varieties of tomatoes in the works!
I should be able to post more often now and pictures will not be such a struggle!


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