More Vintage Alaskana


I think every piece I do has a back story! I bought a trio of tables from a girl that was moving. Each needed some work(of course, lol). I look at some things and I think I see them differently than a lot of people. When I look at this table I see her bumps, bruises, and cut marks, but to me, they look like badges of honor. I look and see that she was made with care, and then used to make other things. Maybe a home, maybe other furniture, maybe children’s toys? Who knows…but she was important and useful. Someone used clamps to hold things while they worked, and after her blue paint, someone used her to hold something else that they painted….She can be useful again. She would look good on a porch, or in an entry way. She would look awesome with repurposed window propped on top of her….She just needs a home with imagination!

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  1. I love the way you describe it as badges of honor, nicely put! That’s a lovely table. I’d much rather have one like that than a brand new, perfect one. Thank you for joining us at the History & Home link party, so glad you did! The party starts each week on Tuesday at 5am EST, hope you join us again. -Dawn @ We Call It

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