In The Garden


Barring any problems, this piece called In The Garden will be at Farmer’s Market tomorrow at my cabin. Don’t you wonder what stories this screen door could tell?? How many kids ran in and out to their parents frequent admonitions to, “Shut that door!” This door probably held back millions of mosquitoes, frequently called our state bird! The legs came from a table that I just could not get inspired by, but I love how they look here. Who can even guess the history on the ammo box, which still has it’s lid, but is no longer held on with a hinge.
I have sealed this with shellac, and because I do not know what paint was used originally, or whether the ammo boxes actually held ammunition, I would not recommend planting food plants directly into it. Containers would fit nicely in the box, though. Or it could hold garden tools. Certainly it could come inside too!

A BIG thank you to my newly minted Marine son, who helped me out with balancing this piece!

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Thank you so much for the feature, Andrea!



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