Stamping Silver

I’ve always liked the silver plate that I run across at garage sales, but have never bought it. I really didn’t need another collection. Recently though, I started seeing some unique items made with silver that had been stamped. Then, a site that I visit every day(and no I am not getting paid, but would love to!!!) had a stamping set on sale for a very reasonable price and they did not charge me extra to ship it to Alaska. Some companies apparently think we live on another planet, and charge us accordingly. It took a couple of weeks for the stamps to arrive and I played with it a little, but didn’t really get a chance to do more with it until today.

These would make great bridal shower presents for a couple to then use at their reception. I also stamped a couple of forks that would be great for identifying cheeses at a dinner party. One of the forks, which I believe is a pickle fork was stamped USN on the handle. I am sure it was used for Navy functions, and I couldn’t resist stamping Go Navy, cute for a Navy veteran’s fancy dinners!


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Thanks so much for the feature, Gail!!i-was-caught-SLOW
Thanks so much for the feature Andrea!!




    • I am pretty sure they are 1/8 th. I would check, but just getting ready to head out of town for a couple of days. Will try to check and correct this later if they are not. Thanks for reading my blog!

    • I did what everyone else seems to be doing, used a black sharpie and wiped off the excess. I wouldn’t recommend eating off of them every day, but with such a tiny amount used I think it is ok.

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