Sarah’s bed……


Once upon a time, a long time ago, a little girl named Sarah, wanted to make sure everyone knew this was her bed. Not sure who she was, or why she felt she needed to assert her ownership of it. Did she have to share it? Was she mad at mom and dad? Or did she just want someone not to forget the bed was hers? I have no idea, but it is fun to think about it. I got this bed on a second pick we did this spring. The house it came from has also been burned down. I wanted to make a bench out of the bed, and I cut the foot board in half, intending to use that for arms for the bench, BUT, before I could do that this happened:
Sigh, my husband told me that he “might have bumped my pile.” The bed is off to the side and what you can see in the picture is a table. One of the pieces of the foot board was almost a complete loss. 😦 I decided to challenge myself to see if I could make a bench just from the pieces, without anything else. I built a box that would be the right size to use with pieces from the leaf of the table for a seat. Because I only wanted to use pieces from the bed and the table, the leaf pieces seemed the obvious choice, even though they did not span the entire length of the bench. I then sawed off the two legs that were on the foot board of the bed and attached them to the front corners of the box. The front legs, being closer than the back legs does not seem to effect the function of the bench. It is child sized. The paint I used is a much brighter true red than the color shows here, so I toned it down a bit by dry brushing on some black, before the second coat of red. I am hoping to have this piece at the cabin on Saturday……oh, and Sarah has not been forgotten

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