One type of furniture I prefer not to paint is mahogany. It is so beautiful and it does take a lot of work to paint it successfully. To prevent bleed through of the tannins you must use shellac over the wood before painting. This drum table was still in great shape. The leather top is intact. It is not perfect but it does have character, after cleaning and refreshing.
I love the carved details
Most of the knobs and two of the feet were missing, so those were replaced. This particular table has both wheels and claw feet.
The label is also intact and I was able to do research on the company and their labels and I have concluded that this was probably made in the 30s-40s.
I am really happy with my decision to restore, rather than paint this pretty piece. It will be at the RESCUE REHAB cabin tomorrow.

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    • I used Howard’s Feed and Wax for furniture. It moisturized and brought the leather back to life. Before, it looked and felt like cardboard. Thanks!

    • Joann, I used Howard’s Wax and Feed, I wax wouldn’t hurt the leather and it really made it look wonderful, even though it was not perfect and had some marks. After that I used a little bit harder wax on it and buffed. I am pretty proud of how it came out. Thanks for reading my blog!

  1. Beautiful save for the table – it glows. I love this style table with the carved piece for the legs. And its history came with it – even more special. Thanks for sharing it.

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