Entry way bench

WP_20140805_001I was lucky enough to run across another wooden door, almost exactly like the one that I attached the ammo box to. Its condition was a lot better, so I wanted to make this one into an inside entry way bench. I added some hooks for jackets, etc. I made this little bench quite a long time ago out of some pretty rough plywood, but never really used it. I thought it would go perfectly with this project. Shoes and boots can go inside. I also painted some handles I had and added them to each side of the bench.

You wouldn’t need the handles on a day to day basis, but, we found out the hard way, when moving my last door project(nick named “the beast”), that handles would be nice. My cabin at the Farmer’s Market is pretty small, and on rainy days and when I am closed, things need to be moved inside. These should be a big help! Hopefully the weather will cooperate and this will be at the cabin tomorrow.

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Thanks so much for the feature Andrea!!jj-91914-TOWER



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