Rolling ammo box shelves


I was given one of those rocking cradles that had seen better days. The list of children who had slept in it was long, and it even had hardware across the top to hold mosquito netting in place. We had one of these once upon a time too. I have a feeling that these might not pass today’s stricter safety codes and I wasn’t comfortable fixing it up and passing it on as a baby cradle. I had been thinking of a rolling ammo box project and when I checked the frame was just the right size to hold the ammo boxes. WP_20140808_001

I attached the lowest 2 crates to the frame with brackets, then bolted each crate to the one under it. I didn’t want to waste the little hooks that held the cradle onto the frame, so I flipped them and they can be used to hang things on.

The top ammo box had been painted green and I didn’t want to cover that up completely. I painted everything with a combination of metallic light blue, mint green, and white. It is a lot bluer in person than it looks in the pictures. It took me a LONG time to paint it. For some reason when I am painting something to look aged it takes me forever. I try not to leave obvious brush strokes because I want it to look a bit chippy.


Yes, the lid is incomplete and uneven, which you can see when the top box is closed…..I could have cut it evenly or taken the lid off….but that would remove some of its character….:)

This will be at the RESCUE REHAB cabin tomorrow.

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