I wish I could get the color of this cabinet to show truer.  The pink is really very, very, subtle.  I don’t really have just one style of painting.  I use lots of different styles, depending on what I want the end result to look like.  I wanted an aged looking finish and I know I do so much green and blue and wanted this pink.  The only pink I had pretty much resembled Pepto Bismal and I really wanted to tone that pink down.  I followed up the pink with white, using very deliberate strokes applied thinly and evenly over the pink.  I love pink and gray together, so after that I applied gray in much the same manner.  I then added a bit of white in various places to give a more distressed look.  The colors remind me of being in China at the market and looking at the strands of pearls for sale.  Bright white, gray, and pink strands all lined up and hanging in the sun.  This cabinet is going in my shop for display space.  I’ve enjoyed being at the Farmer’s Market so much this year and I am planning for next year.  I have also been learning a lot about setting up a retail space and I have so much more to learn!

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