A couple of projects….

WP_20140907_001I hate going so long without posting.  If you follow my Facebook page, though, you can probably figure out why I haven’t posted.  I have gone on several picks lately and that has taken up quite a bit of time.  I thought I would post these pictures of a couple of projects I have done in between the picks.  This is my last ammo box project for a while.  I am officially out of boxes…well, ammo boxes that is ;)…I have a thing for boxes and crates.  This shelf unit is a bit different from my last one.  Built on a platform of plywood and bolted together.  I do wish I had built a frame, as it doesn’t stand as straight as the one I built before.  It is, however, sturdy and much bluer than the picture shows.  I think the customer will be happy with it.

WP_20140827_004WP_20140827_005   I had a chance to pull out my Silhouette, for the first time in a while.  I created these signs for a wedding that is coming up this next weekend.  It is getting pretty chilly here, I hope the weather cooperates.

The RESCUE REHAB cabin at the Market has closed for the season, but I will be busy creating throughout the winter.  If you are local and have vintage and older items you no longer want, I am always looking for new items.  If you are looking for something vintage, I may have it.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rescue-Rehab/161057857415806   Check out my Facebook page.  I hope to be at vendor fairs this fall and winter, so hope to see everyone during these next few months!

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