10629602_10100723594438373_5898937959828275566_n This is my newest pick! She is a 1967 Morris Minor Traveller. British car(note the steering wheel location). My son-in-law Doug, just happened to be on Craigslist when she was listed and he showed me the picture and contacted the owner immediately. He wanted to know what we wanted to do with it and we apparently had the answer he was looking for!!! Of course we want to restore her and use her for small picks, running to my cabin at Farmer’s Market, and representing my business. I have been wanting something unique and of course vintage and she fits the bill perfectly. We got as much history on the car as possible. Someone brought her to New York from Great Britain, then drove her up the Alcan in the mid-eighties. After that she was parked, sank into the permafrost and within a short period, rescued by her former owner from the Craigslist ad. She has been parked in his garage since then. He did some minor work on her front end, but when a man who was supposed to help restore her had to back out, work on her stopped, in favor of another lovely vintage car the man has. She was not even started, until last year, when he drained the oil and gas, tinkered with the engine for about an hour, and started her. When we went to pick her up, she started right away and was driven onto the trailer!!!! While most of her body is way better than I expected, she desperately needs new timber and will not be driven until we can do something about that. You can see from the pictures, but aside from the timber(which is actually important and not decorative, because it is the frame!) she is just a great little car. Wouldn’t she look cute with a Christmas wreath on the front? She would be so cute in vintage themed photos. Thanks so much Doug! WP_20141017_003[1]WP_20141017_007[1] WP_20141017_010[1] WP_20141017_012[1]WP_20141017_015[1]WP_20141017_021[1]WP_20141017_022[1]WP_20141017_024[1]

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    • Thank you….it is going to be a big project, for sure, but I do have a son-in-law who wants to help. The fact that her price was $100 gave me the idea that no matter what I could afford to fix her up, lol, here’s hoping!!!

  1. What a wonderful find. I am glad you plan to fix her up. She is a beauty in the rough. Thank you for sharing at Make it Monday.

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