Vintage Chic

20141023_123148[1] (2)   Just finished up this pretty girl.  I love vanities.  They are the ultimate in vintage furniture to me.  I’ve never had one, and some day I will probably keep one.  I thought I would explain a little bit more about the process I go through when re-doing a piece of furniture.  I do not churn out pieces as fast as I can.  That is not the way I work.  I am also usually working at more than one piece at a time, usually some small pieces, along with larger ones.  This has really turned into a full time business at this point.  If I am not picking, I am working on a piece, or doing research.  The first step in tackling a piece for me is going over it, fixing anything that needs repair, including patching.  On a shabby chic piece, however, I may leave some of the marks to show character and age.  Cleaning and sanding come next, along with cleaning hardware.  After that, I decide on the type of paint job the piece will get.  I do like to change it up and paint in a variety of styles.  I almost always paint two or three coats.  Unless I am doing a mixed color dried brush technique, I wait at least a day between coats of paint, doing a light sanding between coats.  If I am busy with other things or it is humid, I will wait more than a day.  Lastly on this piece, I applied 3-4 coats of wipe on poly to protect the finish.  These also are at least a day apart, and sometimes more, and there is also light sanding between coats.  After all of this I go over each piece for small touch ups.  I fit the drawers.  Many time each drawer goes best in a certain place.  I will often sand and wax the edges of the drawers to make sure they fit and glide properly.  After  waiting at least a few days for the paint to cure(which is hugely important and overlooked way too many times step) the piece is ready for a new home.

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