WP_20141102_003[1]    Who doesn’t love crates?  So many things you can do with them, storage, décor, etc.  I have quite a few vintage ones that will be making their way to the Christmas Bazaar, but I will also have these.  The top one, I believe was originally a box that held CDs.  I did some sanding, used my new Ryobi 18V drill to drill holes on each side and added some rope for handles.  After sanding it was painted in cream, I used some glaze, and then some metallic blue paint.  I finished it with my own white wax.  It would be great to hold silverware, jars or bottles, lots of cool ways to reuse this.  I used not only my new drill, but also my new Ryobi 18V Circular Saw, and Kreg Jig,  to build the bottom crate.  I love re-using old wood for projects.  It can be challenging, but it is fun when the project works out.  These boards have so much age and character.  I put the crate together, sanded, dry brushed it in cream Behr paint, drilled the holes and used rope for handles again.  Because the edges were pretty rough, I used some trim boards that I had for the corners.  I did finish it with a coat of white wax, I really love this one!

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