Vintage Ice Skates

WP_20141104_004[1]   Nothing says Christmas décor like ice skates!!  I love them and have wanted to get some to pretty up for Christmas for quite a while.  I painted them, added glue and glitter, white glitter on the white skate, gold on the red skate.  I sprayed each one with clear acrylic to try and eliminate glitter falling off of them.  I added flowers, greenery, and Christmas balls.  Just need to put the laces back in so they can be hung easily.  I love how they turned out.  They will be at the Bazaar in December.

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  1. I have found a pair of skates to use as door decorations. I am curious to know if you will have the skates as a pair or separate? I love that you painted the skates and glittered them. Thank you for coming over to Make It Monday.

    • Hi Donna, thanks so much. I am going to have them separate. I looked around and saw a lot that were used separately so I decided to go that way. They were dark brown and black, and didn’t say Christmas to me, so I painted and glittered away!!!

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