Wreath Tutorial

WP_20141119_012[1]    I have been wanting to try one of these wreaths for quite a while, but of course, I put my own twist on it.  I have never written a tutorial before so I also thought I would give that a try.  A customer who comes by my cabin in the summer gave me quite a lot of braille magazines when she was done with them.  She was sure I could do something with them….of course I took that as a challenge!


I removed the staples and cut the pages in half, then rolled them into cone shapes.

WP_20141117_012[1]    Using a hot glue gun(I used regular glue to secure the edge of the paper to form the cone), I glue about two inches at the end of each cone on a round piece of cardboard.  You probably recognize what I used!  I did start to glue them in a certain order to try to make it even.  I started at what would be 12, 3,6, and 9 on a clock face and then filled in from there.WP_20141117_014[1]    I added a second layer on top of the first, placing them between the cones on the first row.WP_20141117_007[1]WP_20141117_008[1]WP_20141117_010[1]WP_20141117_009[1]WP_20141117_011[1]    I wanted to use some these flowers, but I knew that they probably wouldn’t stick with the hot glue if I left them on the stems.  I took another round piece of cardboard, cut leaves and petals off of the stems and hot glued them directly on top of each other.  The middles were a little harder, since they were dimensional, but I used extra glue and broke them down into small parts.  I tucked extra greenery around to fill in any gaps.


A while back, I bought some glitter….I was walking by a display and it was on sale, a great deal, so I bought 6 little bottles.  1.5 oz bottles, do you have any idea how much that is????  I will have a lifetime supply.  I decided to apply it to the inside and outside edges of the cone.  It was a lengthy process!  I first daubed the brush in glue, daubed it on the edges of the cone, daubed it in the glitter, daubed the glitter on the glue….you get the idea, that is a lot of daubing….Every once in a while I had to stop to wipe the brush after all that daubing.  WP_20141119_002[1]WP_20141119_003[1]     WP_20141119_011[1]    I wanted to mount the wreath on this screen that I had, I hot glued the wreath on the screen while it was (balanced precariously), I mean situated on top of the paint bucket.And here it is, in front of my faux fireplace. Headed to the bazaar on the 6th.

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  1. You should write tutorials more often. You rescued the Braille magazines and rehabbed them into a wreath. How clever! Thanks for sharing at Make It Monday.

    • Thank you so much Donna, I always love stopping in at your blog to see what the latest thing the rust goddess has done!!!

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