Pretty Princess Pearl Set

WP_20141217_004[1]WP_20141217_002[1]     This time of year it is really hard to get the lighting right for pictures.  The pieces are also in different places, while I’ve been working on them, so I can’t take a side by side picture either.  I originally painted the dresser last summer.  It is a mixture of pink, blue and white.  I had it in my cabin for display and storage, but it caught the eye of someone who wanted it for her daughter.  I painted this sleigh bed to match it and the set will be a Christmas present.  I hope she likes it!!  I think she will, I would be excited if I was a little girl and got this set!

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  1. I am sure there will be sugar plum dreams while sleeping in this bed. Thanks for sharing it at Make It Monday.

    • Yes! Since I delivered it I got to see how it looked in her room. Her walls and the rest of the room are pink, white and blue, so it looked really good. Thanks for reading my blog!

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