Pallet Bar

WP_20150208_006[1]   This project is made almost completely  from re-used materials.  My favorite part of it is the beautiful top.  It has lots of character and I used Minwax Mahogany Gel Stain, which is one of my favorite stains.

WP_20150208_009[1]    I used my own version of thick white chalk paint, after lightly sanding the pallets.  Next time, I will paint BEFORE attaching pallets together, because it is really difficult to get your paint brush inside and between the slats.  The back side, or bartenders side has space for wine bottles, wine glasses, and hanger for a bar towel.  On the side hangs a bucket on a hook for caps and corks.WP_20150208_004[1]


The front features a marquee stylo light up open sign, and there will be a few more added amenities.  You can check this piece out at the Festival of Lights Galleria, Saturday the 14th.  Hope to see you there, this would make a great Valentine’s gift!


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